Top 5 Winter Wardrobe Staples

Non-slip grip for shoes and boots

Items to get you through cold winter months.

I love shopping. It’s a known fact by my family and friends (yikes!). Beautiful textures, silhouettes, fabrics make me so happy! I am always in search of classic pieces to add to my wardrobe. Building a timeless wardrobe concentrating on classic pieces and accessories is sustainable and cost effective. In my opinion, it is crucial to be cognizant of our spending habits and prioritize building a wardrobe with pieces that can be worn for many years. 

I had an intense internal monologue with myself to determine whether or not it is necessary to only buy high end pieces to achieve a wardrobe that will last for years. Truthfully, the answer is complex. I will explore this subject in a separate blog post. 

There are certain items that need to be great quality in order for them to adhere to harsh climates. In Canada, we are blessed with 4 very different seasons. I have taken 5 essential items to add to your closet for the colder months.

1. Non-slip grip for shoes and boots

Non-slip grip for shoes and boots

This is essential for boots that don’t have any grips on the sole. I have been using these pads for over 15 years on boots that are not necessarily meant for the snow or ice. They work very well for everyday use, mostly going in and out of your car. Bonus: you can wear your cute boots for more than two seasons! Win, win!

2. Merino wool thermal leggings and tops

Merino thermal leggings and tops

Over the years I have tested many thermal leggings and tops. You have to find materials that are absorbent to wick away moisture from your body. The merino wool base layers are my favourite. They are warm, chic and you can even wear them under blazers – no one will know you’re wearing thermals!

3. Leather gloves with knitted cashmere lining

These are a must have for the fall and winter months. They are durable, classic and warm. You can find affordable pairs at Winners/Marshalls or any TJX companies. No excuses – you need them!

4. Cashmere hat

I love everything cashmere, especially beanies. They’re thinner than wool or other knits, guaranteed to keep you warm and chic throughout winter without the bulk. Timeless, classic piece that can be worn many years to come. 

5. Wool or cashmere socks.

If you’re like me, you refuse to wear bulky winter boots. My solution over the years has been to wear thick wool or thin cashmere socks. Your feet will thank you and there will be no need for doubling up your socks. 

I hope these essentials will help you stay warm during the cold months. Ideally, your wardrobe essentials should be high quality and composed of good fabrics. The goal is for these items to last many years.


Cashmere socks 

Cashmere beanie 

Merino thermals

Sole grips 

Leather and cashmere gloves

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