Closet Essentials: Top 5 Women’s Blazers

Closet essentials: Top 5 Women’s Blazers Feature Image

Blazers are a wardrobe essential – hands down, no debate here. There are so many different styles of blazers, from casual to business. Blazers elevate any style and will make you look put together even when you pair them with denim jeans. Considering there is an array of styles, I have broken down the must have styles to help you build a classic wardrobe. 

1. Wool 

Wool is a great fabric for colder months. Wool blazers are usually structured and classic in fit. I would suggest purchasing a mid – high end black wool blazer as this piece can last in your wardrobe well over 10 years (if you take great care of it!). 

2. Classic Tweed 

Technically, tweed is made of wool. However, you can find different blends such as: wool and cotton or wool combined with man made materials. I personally went through a tweed phase a few years ago and purchased classic and colourful tweed blazers from Zara. I love them – I don’t wear them everyday so I was not too concerned about purchasing high end pieces. You can definitely find high and low pieces of tweed. It’s entirely up to you and how you calculate your cost per wear on this piece.

3. Leather 

Leather is classic whether it is a jacket, boots or gloves. You can find well made vegan leather blazers at stores such as Mango, Zara and Topshop. Invest in one! I have been reaching for my leather blazers multiple times a week. 

4. Tuxedo 

Tuxedo blazers/jackets are incredibly chic. My go to blazer from meetings or date nights. I feel empowered and strong everytime I wear this style. Tuxedo jackets are definitely worth the investment!

5. Linen

Linen blazers are probably one of the most versatile blazers you can buy. This material can be worn all season. Lighter colours such as beige or white will work well in the summer. Darker linen will always elevate a look, especially on top of thin cashmere sweaters.


Wool blazer

Tweed blazer

Leather blazer

Tuxedo blazer

Linen blazer

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